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Demanding dramatic changes to the criminal justice system.



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The Challenge
The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform (MoreJustNYC) seeks to help New York City improve the function of its criminal justice system. It needed a consistent way to provide policymakers with the tools and roadmaps they need to implement their recommendations.   

The Approach
We have worked closely with the Executive Director and various proram managers of MoreJustNYC to layout their initial plan for the future of criminal justice in New York City. The cornerstone recommendation of the plan was the closure of Rikers Island, in addition to outlining a vision to reduce incarceration and encourage the development of more humane, state-of-the-art, borough-based jail facilities. We have continued to collaborate on status updates of their plan, fact sheets, and white papers that make their policy initiatives immediately clear and legible to lawmakers as well as useful to like-minded advocates. 

The Independent Group 2007–2019
Baltimore / New York

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