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Preserving the legacy of New York’s most-celebrated cultural institution.

New York Philharmonic


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The Challenge
How do you uphold the values of an institution firmly rooted in legacy while looking to the future? The New York Philharmonic is a cultural leader in New York City and the world, offering performances, education programs, and broadcasts. In projects for the orchestra, design is used uphold the brand equity of the institution and reaffirm that they are a pillar of New York City’s cultural life.

The Approach
We have been working collaboratively with the Philharmonic for nearly a decade—through changes in institutional and artistic leadership. Our long-standing relationship with the Orchestra (the publications, development, and membership departments, among others), has created a deep understanding of the organization, its audiences, and its goals. This continuity allows us to create designs that always feel “on brand,” with a dynamism and excitement that captures the spirit of their perormances, and New York City as a whole.

The Independent Group 2007–2019
Baltimore / New York

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