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Authentically communicating the graduate experience.

Rhode Island School of Design


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Book Design
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AIGA 365

The Challenge
Rhode Island School of Design is one of the top art colleges in the United States. In an effort to raise awareness of their graduate programs, the school sought to re-envision their recruitment materials into a cohesive set, separate from their undergraduate offerings. The rationale was simple: undergraduate recruitment is really speaking to parents, whereas graduate recruitment needs to resonate with the individual.

The Approach
The resulting suite of materials is designed to authentically convey the rich graduate community at RISD, its dynamism, and the strange ways that unexpected influences commingle. Student experiences are shared in the first person, and the photography was supplied by the students themselves—everything is candid, nothing is staged. The package was so well-received that it was used for five years with minimal updates, and the undergraduate recruitment materials were updated to complement it. 

The Independent Group 2007–2019
Baltimore / New York

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