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Building a book series devoted to cities and their futures.

Urban Research


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Positioning and Messaging
Book Design
Website Design
Print Collateral
Digital Advertising

AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers, Spaces of Disappearance

The Challenge
Terreform is an urban research studio that undertakes self-initiated investigations into both local and global issues that will yield equitable, sustainable cities. In 2016, Terreform launched its publishing imprint, UR (Urban Research) as a way to disseminate their own work as well as support designers and researchers who share the vision of progressive urbanism.

The Approach
We joined Terreform as Design Directors to contribute to research projects, as well as formulate the UR brand in print and digital applications. We established a visual language that would unify the diverse range of designs and analyses they publish while allowing each volume to be graphically distinct. We have designed over one dozen titles to date, with additional releases slated for 2020.

The Independent Group 2007–2019
Baltimore / New York

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